Sales Training and Team Performance

Whether you're a North Devon based company, or a multi-national enterprise, getting the very best from your sales team is about unlocking their potential. It is about removing the obstacles of fear, hesitation, over-confidence, cluttered thinking and disinterest to leave behind an inspired, calm set of employees ready to hit their targets. 

Our sales training coach - Robert Greenwood - has worked with FTSE 100 companies like Land Rover, Hyundai and RBS to improve their personnel performance - with a direct, tangible impact on the bottom line. 

We offer sales training courses and coaching across North Devon and the UK, for small companies all the way up to multi-national corporations. ​​

OUR Clients



​Richard Close, former CEO Briggs Equipment


Team Building

​Great teams are borne from strong, trusting and empathetic relationships that create an environment where individual members thrive. In our experience, the highest-performing teams possess an outstanding amount of positive synergy that not only nourishes the team members themselves, but also positively effects those around them.

Robert specialises in coaching teams in how to build the strongest possible working relationships and create the highest levels of team synergy. We work with companies to work towards an outcome where their teams possess a strong team spirit and share a clearly understood direction, strategy and purpose.

Robert delivers tailor-made team-building and team development courses anywhere in the world. Mostly though, he delivers courses at two main bases - his home in Instow, North Devon and his Welsh base in the atmospheric mountains of Snowdonia National Park. Both provide an exceptionally inspiring environment for team building residential courses. ​

​Marcel Smith, Regional Sales Manager

"Robert has an outstanding gift for coaching and transforming the performance of both teams and individuals."
"If you get a chance to attend one of Robert's training programmes, grab it with both hands and you'll walk away a better person."
high performance coaching and sales training in north devon

Business and Performance Coach

​Seeking to master a chosen profession and to consistently perform at the very highest level can be the most demanding of journeys - yet success can be incredibly rewarding.

Achieving that level of peak performance is dependent on a diverse range of factors - each delicately inter-related. Fundamental to success is how well an individual or team maintains a positive, relaxed and focused mindset, no matter how challenging or pressured the external environment may seem.

Our coaching programmes help teams and individuals to master the peak performer`s mindset and experience levels of success, inspiration and fulfilment that are truly outstanding.