He believes that modern businesses need to work ethically with integrity, being both successful and profitable without abandoning virtuous values. With power comes great responsibility and he encourages those companies and organisations he trains to take on being a positive force for good in the world. 

Recent clients include Suttons,, Briggs Equipment, Hyundai, Landrover, RBS, Lombard, AA, Lex Service, Mitsubishi, The Coutryside Agency, Yale and NMHG.

"an impassioned and inspiring personal ​and business coach".


"Robert has a passionate commitment to help businesses, organisations, teams and individuals thrive and flourish."



Robert Greenwood is an impassioned and inspiring personal and business coach, pioneering a radical new approach to bringing people to their full power. Robert draws on a lifetime of experience learning from coaching and training people in a diverse cross-section of fields of work, sport, personal development and spiritual transformation.

After attending Eton College and taking a degree in Economics, Robert joined the British Army and rose to the rank of Captain in the Infantry.

Since leaving the forces he has worked with some of the world`s leaders in the field of personal and organisational transformation, including Anthony Robbins, Jay Abraham , Robert Dilts, Richard Bandler, Isaac Shapiro, Thich Nhat Hahn, Osho, Amma and Bhagavan. He has taught NLP, meditation, and mindfulness for over 20 years and has facilitated workshops and retreats throughout the world. In 1997, he founded Zen Adventures and In 2005 he co-founded the Oneness University. ​