Candidate Assessment

The financial costs of recruiting new employees, particularly at the senior management level, can be extremely high. The costs of choosing the wrong candidate can be considerably higher, so it pays to ensure that your strategy for candidate assessment is both rigorous and effective.

With the input of a highly trained performance coach during the final stage of candidate assessment the success of candidate selection can be significantly increased. Candidates need to be assessed not simply on how well they can do interviews but most importantly on how good they really are likely to be once introduced into the workplace.

There are a range of candidate assessment options that we have specifically devised  to compliment your existing recruitment strategy that will ensure you get an accurate measure of the candidate`s character, motivation, interpersonal skills and  suitability for role.

For senior management appointments we have created a specialized residential candidate assessment programme based in North Wales. The programme involves candidates being put through their paces using outdoor leadership tasks that require the candidates to demonstrate practical team leadership in real life situations. The true character of the candidates quickly comes to the fore and their leadership competencies and team skills can be accurately assessed leaving you in no doubt about who you are potentially taking on.

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