Workplace mediation

Swift, effective conflict & grievance resolution

​Mediation is when a company brings in an experienced workplace mediator to sort out a particular grievance or personnel issue. In particular, companies often use our service to address workplace issues like:

  • Personality clashes
  • Relationship breakdowns
  • Dysfunctional teams
  • Communication problems
  • Bullying
  • Discrimination
  • Harassment

Our workplace mediation service - available to businesses not just in North Devon, but across the UK - helps you to solve these issues effectively, with the minimum of disruption. It is often followed by a Mediation Management Training Course, delivered by Robert, to help avoid such instances occurring in the future. 

In all instances, we look to resolve the dispute fully within one day and early intervention is always advised to avoid the parties becoming entrenched in their positions. 

Our Locations

Based in Instow, North Devon we cover the whole of the south west

​We hold sessions at various locations across the UK, depending on the nature of the instruction. Our locations include:

  • Instow, North Devon - Our HQ and a beautiful riverside village

  • Snowdonia National Park - Our favourite location for group sessions, long weekends and week-long residentials

  • Your place - We're flexible on location and Robert can visit your offices for the session. He travels the length of the country.

​Marcel Smith,  Regional Sales Manager

"If you get a chance to attend one of Robert`s training programmes, grab it with both hands and you`ll walk away a better person."

Mediation management training

Helping your business avoid the costs of conflict

​In today's complex office environment, managers are expected to cope with a variety of difficult human resources issues. That is despite many being promoted on their technical skills, not their people management acumin!

We offer the chance to train your management staff to recognise the signs of conflict and act fast, appropriately and effectively to ensure win-win outcomes that benefit your business and minimise disruption. Instead of bringing in a third party like us to mediate a situation, we teach you to handle grievances yourself. 

Robert has over 25 years of experience in mediation and extensive experience in conflict resolution, mindfulness and psychology. He delivers his training sessions in a calm, peaceful way and ensures that your staff are able to foster an environment which supports change and is robust to external stressors. 

Conflict Resolution

Can you afford to ignore the cost of conflict?

The cost of grievances can be severe. Absenteeism, low productivity and high staff turnover are just some of the symptoms which can, and do, cost companies across North Devon and the South West thousands of pounds a year. 

Effective mediation helps staff sort out their differences quickly and with the minimum of disruption, with most conflicts being fully resolved in just one day with our services. 

Sometimes the issues can be easily resolved by the individuals themselves, but there are times when working relationships start to significantly break down and individuals find themselves entrenching into positions of blame and mistrust - on these occasions the skills of a highly trained facilitator can quickly help unblock the impasse and get all parties back on track.

One thing is for certain, the quicker conflicts are resolved the better for everyone, as problems left festering under the carpet only tend to get worse with time!

To assist, Greenwood Consultancy offer two types of service to companies across North Devon and the UK:

  • Management Training (preventative)
  • Conflict Mediation (reactive)