Cultural Change

Cultural Change lies at the heart of what Greenwood Consultancy is all about.

Changing the culture of a business can be one of the key steps to enabling significant performance improvements and yet cultural change strategies are so often overlooked and mis-understood. For performance to improve, attitudes and behaviours need to change and be transformed; the prevailing culture of a company or organization will either support or hinder the required attitudinal and behavioural change.

Greenwood Consultancy specializes in helping businesses quickly and effectively create powerful and effective cultural change. We help companies identify the key individuals and teams within their business that have the potential to form a critical mass large enough to initiate and catalyze the desired cultural shift. Working together with the business, Greenwood Consultancy will then devise training and coaching interventions to help the selected individuals and teams to be the cultural change that will spread throughout the organization and ultimately enable the transformation in business performance.