Leadership with Integrity

Wherever there are people there is a need for leadership. In business and sport and any collective endeavour a group`s success will always be significantly enhanced by effective leadership . Is leadership a quality that individuals are born with or can it be developed with training and coaching? Can we all be leaders? Aren`t we all leaders from time to time?

Robert has specialized in leadership development training for over 20 years and is passionate about helping to bring out leadership potential in individuals. Robert sees leadership in a unique way that has nothing to do with rank or hierarchical position.  He believes leadership is most effective when those being led freely give the leader an authority to lead them. A leader needs to understand what creates effective `followship`. Leaders need to learn the importance of treating those they lead with the utmost respect and empathy if they are to truly inspire others to follow their lead. 

Leadership with Integrity is an approach to leadership that Robert has pioneered to help leaders deepen their leadership acumen. Robert teaches leaders how to be empowering in their leadership roles, teaching the importance of walking their talk in order to be effective at consistently bringing out the very best in their staff and being at cause of an empowerment culture.

Robert coaches leadership in a number of different formats including individual 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring programmes, as well as residential Outdoor Leadership Development courses where leadership is taught in a powerful and inspiring experiential way.