"To know and not to do, is not yet to know."



Lao Tzu

Performance Management

Managing any business or organisation in an increasingly fast-paced and challenging world requires a manager to be extremely competent in understanding and using Performance Management process.

Whether a business has a newly appointed manager needing a first course of training in management process or an experienced manager wanting to refresh the basics, our  Performance Management Process training provides attendees with a thorough knowledge and understanding of how to effectively manage performance.

Robert teaches a unique Performance Management process that includes training managers in how to create KPA`s, SMART Objectives, Action Plans, and Monitoring and Control Systems. Attendees learn not only the theory of Performance Management but  through experiential learning get to understand how powerful a tool the system is. Robert always aims to ensure that all those attending his Performance Management training leave with the necessary motivation to put it all  into practice back in the workplace.