Robert delivers tailor-made team-building and team development courses anywhere in the world, although his main base in the Snowdonia National Park provides an exceptional inspiring environment for team building residential courses. 

Leadership with Integrity

Wherever there are people there is a need for leadership. In business and sport and any collective endeavour a group`s success will always be significantly enhanced by effective leadership . Is leadership a quality that individuals are born with or can it be developed with training and coaching? Can we all be leaders? Aren`t we all leaders from time to time?

Robert has specialized in leadership development training for over 20 years and is passionate about helping to bring out leadership potential in individuals. Robert sees leadership in a unique way that has nothing to do with rank or hierarchical position.  He believes leadership is most effective when those being led most willingly give the leader an authority to lead them. A leader needs to understand what creates effective `followship`. Leaders need to learn the importance of treating those they lead with the utmost respect and empathy if they are to truly inspire others to follow their lead.  

Leadership with Integrity  is an approach to leadership that Robert has pioneered to help leaders deepen their leadership acumen. Robert teaches how important `being` a leader is as opposed to `doing` leadership. Leadership requires consciousness and awareness and a highly refined listening ability. Leaders don`t have to be perfect but they need humility. Leaders need to truly care about those they lead and to actively and consistently demonstrate their appreciation for their teams in action as well as words.

Robert coaches leadership in a number of different formats including individual 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring programmes, as well as residential Outdoor Leadership Development courses where leadership is taught in a powerful and inspiring experiential way.

Sales Training

''Inner Success Creates Outer Success''

Robert`s insightful and truly unique tailor-made approach has proven to be incredibly effective in generating real and long-lasting results. Providing sales training and sales management courses for individual sales executives and sales managers on a 1-2-1 basis, or for sales teams in a group format, Robert quickly drills down to the stuff that really matters - turning around the individual and collective mindset.

Robert challenges and inspires his audience to embrace their own power and tap into their unique talents whilst growing their own strong set of empowering beliefs and deepening their own levels of self-confidence. Once delegates have adopted the high performing winner`s mindset , Robert then helps elicit the optimal strategies and action plans needed to deliver powerful results. The final part of the sales training involves ensuring all sales executives are fully motivated and committed to following through on their action plans thus ensuring bottom line results are delivered. 

Most importantly, Robert helps teams create a high performance mutually supportive team selling culture where the team synergy generated lifts individual sales performance to the highest possible levels.

Robert leaves his audience in no illusion about the extent to which their own success and fulfilment is truly in their own hands.

Please contact Robert directly to discuss how he can help you build and develop a powerful high performing sales team that will deliver your best ever sales performance.

Cultural Change​

Cultural Change lies at the heart of what Greenwood Consultancy is all about.

Changing the culture of a business can be one of the key steps to enabling significant performance improvements and yet cultural change strategies are so often overlooked and mis-understood. For performance to improve, attitudes and behaviours need to change and be transformed; the prevailing culture of a company or organization will either support or hinder the required attitudinal and behavioural change.

Greenwood Consultancy specializes in helping businesses quickly and effectively create powerful and effective cultural change. We help companies identify the key individuals and teams within their business that have the potential to form a critical mass large enough to initiate and catalyze the desired cultural shift. Working together with the business, Greenwood Consultancy will then devise training and coaching interventions to help the selected individuals and teams to be the cultural change that will spread throughout the organization and ultimately enable the transformation in business performance.

Team building

One of the most powerful forces on earth is a high performing team, possessing a strong team spirit and sharing a clearly understood direction, strategy and purpose.

Whether in sport, business, or any other collaborative venture teamwork is an absolutely essential requirement for any significant and sustainable level of success. Great teams are built out of really strong, trusting and empathetic relationships that create an environment where individual members thrive. A high performing team possesses an outstanding amount of positive synergy that not only nourishes the team members themselves but also positively affects others around them.

Robert specializes in coaching teams in how to build the strongest possible working relationships and create the highest levels of team synergy.

At the heart of a high performing team is a strong collective ownership for optimizing each team member's individual well-being and performance levels.

"Since working with Robert, we have turned around our performance to become the highest performing regional sales team in the company."

Darran goes on to say "Our orders as a percentage of target have consecutively increased by 69% and by 132% in the two years since the training commenced and our profit margins have grown by over 45%. Whichever way you look at it the effect on my team has been massive." Darran Baker is the Regional Sales Manager at Briggs Equipment in Cardiff.​​​

Our Full List of Services

  • High Performance Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Cultural Change
  • Team Building
  • Leadership with Integrity
  • Performance Management
  • Sales Training
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Strategic Facilitation
  • Candidate Assessment
  • Health and Vitality
  • Stress Management
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Transforming Fear

​​​​​​​High Performance Coaching

Coaching high performing individuals and teams in a variety of industries and professions for over 25 years has helped give Robert the expertise to deliver the very highest quality of performance coaching. Whether performing as an individual or as part of a team, succeeding at the top level has the same essential components: skill, commitment and confidence; additionally, with respect to teams, excellent  levels of  communication, relationship-building and collective ownership need adding to the mix.

Robert`s approach goes beyond being merely motivational; it is both transformative and inspirational.​​​​

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a personal tailor-made coaching and mentoring programme aimed at maximising the performance and well-being of key executives in a business.

Being assigned a highly skilled personal coach that can confidentially provide support and challenge can form a powerful and integral part of an executive`s professional development. Investing in Executive Coaching sends a very important motivating message to the individual; it shows that they are regarded by the company as being valuable enough to be personally invested in. Further, they are likely to highly relish the opportunity to grow and develop. Executive morale and retention is significantly enhanced by Executive Coaching.

There are many situations where a business would particularly benefit from investing in Executive Coaching:

​Marcel Smith,  Regional Sales Manager

High Potential Executives

Seeking to motivate, retain and develop the rising stars in a business is perfectly addressed by the introduction of an Executive Coaching programme. Investing in the future of a business must include making the most of your talent, as high potential executives will be influencing and impacting the business exponentially relative to the average employee.

'On-Boarding' New Arrivals

The first 6-12 months in a new role or job can be daunting and challenging even to the most experienced of executives.

This is the perfect time to help accelerate a new arrival`s settling in and helping them to get their confidence and performance up to speed .On Boarding coaching is particularly relevant if the arrival has come from a different business culture.

New Directors

When a senior manager gets promoted to board level they enter a very different tier of business, often requiring considerable adjustment in their mindset and behaviour. No longer solely responsible for their own department or division, they now need to adopt a more strategic and collaborative way of working.

For some this comes naturally, but for many a period of personal coaching and mentoring will be of huge benefit to help them step up and effectively take their power  in the boardroom.

Plateauing or Failing Performance

From time to time even the best and most loyal of executives hits a plateau or goes through a difficult period of decline in their own performance. If this period runs too long there is a danger of them entering a spiral of disempowerment  where their own confidence and performance levels plummet, with potentially damaging negative consequences for  both themselves, their teams and the business as a whole.

Assigning a High Performance coach to executives going through such situations can help to quickly turn around the individual and help them get their performance back on track .Type your paragraph here.

"Robert... will give you a remarkable amount of insight... It is amazing, and truly a journey that has to be experienced to be believed."
"If you get a chance to attend one of Robert`s training programmes, grab it with both hands and you`ll walk away a better person."