Strategic Facilitation

There are times when strategic meetings are so important that having a highly skilled facilitator to support the group of decision makers can be a wise investment. A well facilitated meeting, as well as helping to ensure that the day runs smoothly and time efficiently, will also increase the likelihood of the meeting achieving its aims.

These meetings might involve senior management teams being tasked with the development of new business strategies, reviewing existing ones or simply holding a brainstorming blue sky thinking meeting. Alternatively, they could be groups involving senior managers and other stakeholders who wish to address important strategic issues. Facilitated meetings for new teams or recently put together stakeholder groups can derive huge benefit from a skilled facilitator. An effective facilitator will help guarantee that all attendees get the opportunity to bring their thoughts and ideas to the table and that all contributors receive respectful listening from other participants. Strategic facilitation might involve a single day meeting or it may involve a more complex and longer term engagement.