We can host sessions at our HQ in Instow, North Devon or visit you at your home or workplace. Robert can work through the root of the problem and provide activities, exercises and mindfulness coaching to help you manage it effectively. In as little as one session, you'll start to improve:

  • Empathy
  • Focus
  • Clarity of thought
  • Self-awareness
  • Emotional resilience


We regularly hold scheduled events and ad hoc group sessions for clients across North Devon and the UK. 

If you have a team struggling with the pressures of their working life - particularly a sales team driven by targets - we can improve their ability to handle those pressures and perform effectively. Successful teams rely on each other and in no other aspect of working life is this more evident than with stress.  A good, high-performing team can inherently help improve the stress resilience of its members. 

See our team session formats below...

Our take on stress management

Stress could be costing your business thousands a year

Stressful influences are rife in the workplace. Deadlines, to-do lists and management oversight are all sources of great stress to many individuals and when that manifests itself the consequences for a business can be serious - absenteeism, dysfunctional teams and reduced productivity.

Robert runs two types of corporate stress management session:

​Robert Greenwood, Stress Management Coach

Stress management team Session formats

We've got options to suit every budget and business

​We understand that every business is different and we don't want to deny what we can offer to even the smallest company. We have a flexible range of options available at our North Devon base or further afield:

  • Hour 'Seminar' style session - An hour-long workshop with Robert focused on unlocking team potential, mindfulness and effectively managing stress. Counts as CPD with many professional bodies.

  • Half Day Session - Including team activities focused on cohesion, emotional resilience, empathy and clarity of thought. 

  • Full Day of Training - A comprehensive training day of seminars, activities and trust exercises that will unlock the potential of your team.

  • Residential in Snowdonia -  The beautiful mountains are the perfect environment for bonding and learning - the perfect place for a break away from the stresses of work. We can accommodate a team for several days and provide the ultimate team stress management experience. 
"Corporate environments are hot-beds of stress. With our training, we'll show you strategies that help to unlock the calm, resilient individual inside."
Team Building from North Devon consultant Robert Greenwood

Corporate Stress Management

Your opportunity to reduce work stress and improve your well-being

Stress in the right amounts can help challenge and motivate individuals to achieve peak performance levels, but in the wrong quantities it can lead to significant under-performance, as well as potentially negatively impacting an individual`s mental, emotional and physical health and well-being.

Robert has extensively studied and trained in the field of stress management. His unique insights and coaching methods not only help individuals to optimise their performance, but can truly be life changing for those that he works with. He delivers sessions in North Devon and across the UK in a 1-2-1 format, or with groups. 

For further information on Robert`s unique, powerful approach to managing stress please read on.