Our Locations

Based in Instow, North Devon we cover the whole of the south west

​We hold sessions at various locations across the UK, depending on the nature of the instruction. Our locations include:

  • Instow, North Devon - Our HQ and a beautiful riverside village

  • Snowdonia National Park - Our favourite location for group sessions, long weekends and week-long residentials

  • Your place - We're flexible on location and Robert can visit your offices for the session. He travels the length and breadth of the country.
Team Building from North Devon consultant Robert Greenwood

"an impassioned and inspiring personal ​and business coach".

Bespoke Team Building

Sessions available across North devon and the South west

​Here at Greenwood Consultancy, we believe that effective team building isn't just about a fun evening at the local bowling alley. That can have its place, but the overall focus should ensuring increased team performance.

Unlocking your staff's ability to perform is our speciality. Robert's sessions combine his knowledge of mindfulness with well over two decade's of experience working with teams and individuals at companies of all sizes to unlock the effective worker that lives inside them. 

By peeling away the obstacles holding your team back, Robert ensures that all participants leave his sessions inspired, invigorated and ready to function at a higher level than ever before. 

You won't just get your old individuals back; you'll get a new, highly motivated, uninhibited, high performing ​team ready to contribute to your business.

"Robert helped turn around our performance to become the highest performing regional sales team in the company."

Session Types

We've got options to suit every budget and business

​We understand that every business is different and we don't want to deny what we can offer to even the smallest company. We have a flexible range of options:

  • Hour 'Seminar' style session - An hour-long workshop with Robert focused on unlocking team potential. Counts as CPD with many professional bodies.

  • Half Day Session - Including team activities focused on cohesion, trust and empathy. 

  • Full Day of Training - A comprehensive training day of seminars, activities and trust exercises that will unlock the potential of your team.

  • Residential in Snowdonia -  The beautiful mountains are the perfect environment for bonding and learning. We can accommodate a team for several days - the ultimate team building experience. 

Team Building and Performance Coaching

Two and a half decades as a leading provider of team building across North Devon & the UK 

One of the most powerful forces on earth is a high performing team, possessing a strong team spirit and sharing a clearly understood direction, strategy and purpose. Whether in sport, business, or any other collaborative venture, teamwork is an absolutely essential requirement for any significant and sustainable level of success.

Unfortunately, that level of cohesion is rarely automatic! An experienced coach like Robert can bring a team together through his own brand of insightful and empowering coaching.

Great teams are built out of really strong, trusting and empathetic relationships that create an environment where individual members thrive.
A high performing team possesses an outstanding amount of positive synergy that not only nourishes the team members themselves but also positively affects others around them.

Robert specialises in coaching teams to build and maintain the highest levels of team synergy and  to take collective responsibility and ownership for their long-term success.