"I can't speak highly enough of Robert, I would rate his ability to improve motivation and drive performance improvement as outstanding."

We improved unit sales by 23% and more importantly revenue by £11m in  just two years following our training with Greenwood Consultancy.

Darran Baker, Regional Sales Manager

Leigh Edgley, Sales Director


''Robert has an outstanding gift for coaching and transforming the performance of both teams and individuals. He has a remarkable ability to understand what makes people tick and effortlessly guides them to finding their own inner motivation and empowering mindset. He consistently gets the very highest levels of performance out of anyone who has the opportunity to work with him. I believe one of the main reasons he is such a successful coach is that he truly 'walks the talk'. He successfully combines an ambitious challenging business head with real heartfelt empathy.''                     

Richard Close,  former CEO Briggs Equipment

''I have been very fortunate to have experienced some of the elements of Robert’s transformational training programme. During my career many training, coaching and management courses have been provisioned for my benefit. The content, approach and delivery of Robert’s course is quite simply unique. My experience is that many courses provide an immediate uplift in knowledge, skills and attitude. This effect however is transitional and inevitably diminishes over time. Thus the long term improvement intended is seldom achieved. Robert’s approach is fundamentally different and therefore so is the effect and long term outcome. His course provides an environment where genuine and honest self- awareness is encouraged and rewarded. The power of this especially in a team group is both humbling and on an emotional level very rewarding. Once this foundation is laid the real power and gift of his coaching and course begins.

"He has described himself as a high performance business coach and a deliverer of transformational training courses. My experience of both would suggest this is an understatement. I have transformed in many areas of my life, seen transformation in others and helped those around me transform. For me this is the essence of what Robert does and helps others do for themselves. It is his “gift” and is as effective as he is unique as an individual.''

Mark Whitefoot, Regional Sales Manager

"When given the opportunity, I had no hesitation in taking my team on a Sales Improvement training programme with Robert. Having worked with him myself in the past, I was aware of the huge impact that he is able to make by using his unique training methods and incredible intuitive approach to helping delegates on their own personal journey to self-improvement. In all cases that I have witnessed, Robert’s training has allowed for improvements to be made to work and life in general. By applying a focus to searching deep inside yourself, Robert is able to help delegates to embrace what is important to them, realize what they really want from work/life and create a plan as to what they need to do to ensure they get it.

"In summary, I can’t speak highly enough of Robert and how he has helped both my team and myself personally and I would strongly recommend his training to any business or organization that is seeking a fresh approach to sales performance training that delivers tangible results."

Darran Baker, Regional Sales Manager

''When I first heard I was listed to attend yet another Team Building (tree hugging) course, my initial thought was “Oh no, not another waste of time” ! I am pleased to say I couldn’t have been more wrong. Robert’s whole approach is totally different, by setting various team tasks and by standing back, observing, commenting and gently directing when needed, individual team members confidence grew. You not only learnt to recognise your own strengths and more importantly your weaknesses, you recognised those of your fellow team members.  This led to the team establishing a fantastic bond and becoming a truly effective and efficient management team. On a personal note, the time I spent on Robert's course has helped me believe in myself, my confidence has grown not only in my business dealings but in that of my personal life also.

"If you get the chance to attend one of Robert`s training programmes, grab it with both hands and you’ll walk away a better person."

Marcel Smith, Regional Sales Manager

As Regional Sales Director back in 2014 I embarked on a journey with Greenwood Consultancy to build the confidence and team  spirit of the Regional Sales Management Team.  I wanted to improve the overall sales output whilst developing the managers ability to deal with objections and work in a process driven manner.  The experiential learning experience we went through as a team has had an amazing result which can still be seen today.

We improved unit sales by 23% and more importantly revenue by £11m in  just two years following our training with Greenwood Consultancy.

Now in 2018 as UK Sales Director for all sales divisions I am again working with Greenwood Consultancy to develop a new course for the full UK Sales Management Team.   This will cover Team Building, Key Performance Management Process, Objective Setting, Accountability, Open Communication, Delegation, Dealing with Objections, and the Giving and Receiving of Feedback.

Some people ask me how I justify the cost of the training.  This is very simple, what is the cost of not developing your people…  This training has made a tangible difference to not just sales and revenue but the attitude and ability of my management team without which we would not have generated the improved performance. 

Success is not success without fulfilment - One Team, One Goal

Leigh Edgley, Sales Director, Briggs Equipment UK Ltd